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ISK Faucets and sinks for 2012-01


So over the last couple of days, CCP Diagoras has posted some interesting stats about the EVE economy, including things like how many Drakes are being built and destroyed. The more interesting of these stats were a series of tweets about the ISK faucets and sinks — information that hasn't been released in this detail since almost a year and a half ago.

The first thing to note is that very little has apparently happened with the classic sources of ISK since 2010-10. The largest faucets are still there and still add as much. What has happened is that the trading volume has gone up drastically, which has affected a number of the sinks. Most of the numbers given are for the entire month of January, 2012, but this still lets us create numbers that are comparable to the old day slice, simply by dividing by 31. Others are given for a single day (2012-02-01).

Here is a run-down of the new stats for a single EVE day:

Market transactions: 9.33 trillion ISK (up from 5.85 trillion in 2010).



Now, something is obviously screwy here. Transactions have only doubled, but somehow, the taxes have increased nearly ten-fold. This should not be mechanically possible. Taxes are a percentage of sales cost, so if the sale value goes up, the taxes should go up by roughly the same amount. Granted, there are skills like Accounting that can change the tax rates, but at most, it changes it from 1% to 0.5%, so even if all the old transactions were made with perfect skills and all the new ones are done with no skills (raising the question: where did all the trained traders go?), that would only double the taxed value. If the taxed transaction goes up by 2×, then the taxes can't go up by more than 4×. The same screwiness goes for the brokerage fees.

The question is: where is the error? CCP Diagoras reported the taxes in terms of trillions in January; dividing those numbers by 31 should give us the daily average. Are the new numbers wrong? Are the old ones wrong? Did January suddenly gain 300 extra days, or did Diagoras give numbers for the entire year 2011-01 – 2012-01, or does his “1.98tn ISK spent on broker fees in Jan” somehow not mean 1.98 trillion ISK was spent over the 31 days in January? Perhaps he moved the decimal point one step too far to the right…

¹ CCP Diagoras was kind enough to dig out some old numbers to correct the post done in 2010, which shows that the taxes situation is not as screwed up as I first thought. This is why the numbers above do not completely match the ones posted by CCP Chronotis. This obviates the aforementioned screwiness.

Also, if you came here looking for the stats on incursions and the comparison with missions, I have moved that part into a separate post: here. My apologies to anyone linking to a page still in flux.