February 2012

The newbie skill plan

An note on Odyssey

This skill plan was initially made during the Incursion era, and the blog post was released after Crucible had been released. Since then, the Retribution expansion switched around ship and weapon stats a fair bit, including a couple of skill changes. If you've come here through some old link, you should probably have a look at the updated post-Odyssey version instead.

Population & patches

In the weeks and months after Incarna was released, there was a great amount of debate about what effect the expansion had had or would have on the population and subscription numbers (the latter being a bit more difficult, but as the QENs and previous populations numbers had shown, online averages and subscriber numbers correlate quite nicely).

Moar economy! Now clustered and compared.

So, yeah… why just leave the numbers there and not do something with them that might at first glance somewhat resemble something that could be confused with remotely useful?

First of all, let's see if we can spot some trends:

The Incursion hose.

Buried in the numbers CCP Diagoras has been posting for the last week or so is another tidbit that we previously had no data on: the contribution of Incursions. It's quite a lot nastier than many might have thought…

ISK Faucets and sinks for 2012-01

So over the last couple of days, CCP Diagoras has posted some interesting stats about the EVE economy, including things like how many Drakes are being built and destroyed. The more interesting of these stats were a series of tweets about the ISK faucets and sinks — information that hasn't been released in this detail since almost a year and a half ago.